The Green River Asset Building Coalition is a collaborative effort whose mission is to help working low and moderate income families become economically self-sufficient by:

  • Promoting increased awareness and utilization of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a fully refund able federal tax credit which rewards work and is widely viewed as the nation’s most effective anti-poverty program. In 2017, over 4,500 low to moderate income families served at our free tax sites received refunds totaling nearly $6.4 million. However, an estimated $1 million in EITC refunds each year is lost to our community because eligible families do not file a tax return.
  • Providing free income tax preparation for working low to moderate income families. Over the last thirteen years, GRABC’s IRS trained and certified volunteers have prepared and filed nearly 40,000 tax returns, saving those families over $9 million in tax preparation and processing fees.
  • Promoting asset building strategies with a financial education emphasis that involves the community’s banks, credit unions, and nonprofit agencies. Promoting policies and practices that help the area’s working low-to-moderate income families accumulate the assets to become financially self sufficient. Included here are financial education classes provided in numerous locations throughout the community, participation in the Owensboro Saves initiative, and advocacy of public policies which incentivize  and assist working families to save a portion of their incomes