Volunteer Opportunities

To expand our services, Green River Asset Building Coalition needs volunteers to serve as site greeters, screeners, tax preparers, quality reviewers, and site coordinators. We invite you to become a volunteer.

We will provide tax law and E-file software training, administrative support and rewarding volunteer experiences.

Your services during the tax season can make a real difference in the lives of working low- and moderate-income families in your community. Our volunteer tax preparers helped families claim EITC refunds, averaging $1,700, that can be used to pay down debt, finance transportation to work, open a savings account that builds personal wealth, buy clothes for children, and pay tuition at our local colleges.

Certified greeter or screener

  • Provide administrative support to the tax sites and coordinators.
  • Establish and maintain organized lines and service.
  • Ensure taxpayers have the necessary information required to complete their tax returns.
  • Determine certification level required to prepare each tax return.

Certified tax preparer, quality reviewer or site coordinator

  • Prepare tax returns for taxpayers who qualify for VITA assistance.
  • Answer basic taxpayer questions and refers taxpayers for additional assistance as necessary to federal and state agencies.
  • Inform clients about other services available through the GRABC and its partners.

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Open & friendly interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • A willingness to make a difference and a desire to help others.
  • Tax Preparers need basic computer skills.

Certified Volunteer Expectations

  • Complete classroom and online training sessions required for the desired volunteer role (Average 16 hours)
  • Study & Learn how to use the appropriate IRS resources, publications, forms, etc.
  • Train with and Learn the TaxSlayer computerized tax software.
  • Pass the computerized, un-timed, open-book IRS exam(s) required for the desired volunteer role.

Required Classroom and Online Training Sessions

  • Standards of Conduct (All Volunteers)
  • Intake / Interview (All Volunteers)
  • Basic Tax Law (Screeners, Basic Tax Preparers)
  • Advanced Tax Law (Advanced Tax Preparers, Quality Reviewers, Site Coordinators)
  • Site Coordinator (Site Coordinators)
  • Optional Courses – HSA (Tax Preparers, Quality Reviewers, Site Coordinators)