Why We Serve

Nationally, the average amount spent on tax preparation services is $275; however, EITC filers average over $400 in tax fees

GRABC VITA volunteers provide assistance with income tax preparation to families and individuals with qualifying incomes. Our IRS certified tax prepares electronically file both federal and state tax returns for free.

70% of households in the U.S. are constrained by income, have limited savings, and/or are challenged by debt

GRABC  advocates and works to advance policies and practices that directly affect people with low to moderate incomes in the areas of tax credits, asset-building, and consumer protection. 

An unexpected expense of just $400 would prompt nearly one-half of all households to borrow, sell, or simply ignore the debt

GRABC asset advisors listen to our clients, understand the whole financial picture, then create a plan to help them get started, and guide with motivational meetings which encourage  savings success.